• Recruitment of Filipino Japanese-language Lecturers

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      The Japan Foundation, Manila is looking for Filipino Japanese-language Lecturers to handle the Japanese-language Course for JPEPA Nurse & Care Worker Candidates.

      ■  Features of the course:

      Lecturers will be asked to handle a special intensive course of 7 months for nurse & care worker candidates who will work in Japan under the Japan - Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). This course has been designed especially for the purpose of enabling the learners to use Japanese-language at their work places such as hospitals and care giving facilities, and also for them to learn how to adapt to a culture and society different from their own, namely Japan.

      Lecturers are expected to teach only in Japanese (Direct Method) and to encourage learners to explore and discover new things during the lessons, instead of just providing grammatical rules and drills, thus helping the learners attain autonomous learning, whether at study or work, upon their arrival in Japan.

      ■  We require lecturers to be:

      1.    Cooperative – a lecturer who can work with Japanese and/or other Filipino lecturers as a team.

      2.    Flexible – a lecturer who can respond accordingly to the learners’ actual needs and readiness not just relying on his/her own experience.

      3.    Open-minded – a lecturer who is capable of trying different ways to teach.


      ■  Details of Employment

      Employment Period


      Preparatory Seminar:

      Around 10 days in September and October 2016


      Preparatory Meeting:

      Around 3 days in November 2016 (8:30 AM ~ 11:30 AM)


      Japanese-language Course:

      From November 2016 to May 2017

      Working Place


      Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)

      Address: East Service Road, South Super Highway, Taguig City, Metro Manila


      *Preparatory Seminar will be held at The Japan Foundation, Manila.

      Working Day

      Minimum 3 days (3 sessions a day) from Monday to Friday (with working days negotiable)

      Working Hour

      8:10 ~ 11:50 (50min. class ×3 sessions)

      12:30 ~ 13:20 Once a week (TBD) team meeting


      Standard pay scale of The Japan Foundation, Manila

      Documents to be submitted

      1. JPEPA Lecturer Application Form - attached with passport-size photo

      2. Photocopy of the JLPT Certificate (if you have)


      ■  Selection Process includes:

      1.    Screening of documents (Application Form)

      2.    Interview about Japanese-language Education,

      Teaching demonstration, and online Japanese examination


      ■  Application Procedure:

      Please submit the duly accomplished Application Form with the copy of the JLPT certificate to The Japan Foundation, Manila by June 3, 2016 (Friday).

      Please submit application documents by email to epa.ph.2016@gmail.com.


      *Application will be closed as soon as a sufficient number of applicants has been met.


      Recruitment of Filipino Japanese-language Lecturers (JPEPA) Flyer

      Recruitment of Filipino Japanese-language Lecturers (JPEPA) Poster

      フィリピン人日本語講師 (JPEPA )募集要項
      9th Batch JPEPA Japanese-language Lecturer Application Form

      For inquiries, please contact us by email: epa.ph.2016@gmail.com.