• The Japan Foundation, Manila carries out different types of arts exchange programs in its misison to deepen mutual understanding between Japan and the Philippines.

      • Sharaku Interpreted by Japan’s Contemporary Artists

        The Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM) in cooperation with Ayala Museum, Embassy of Japan and MUJI is bringing another unique and exceptional exhibition to Manila this July to celebrate the Philippines-Japan Friendship Month.

        The traveling exhibit Sharaku Interpreted by Japan’s Contemporary Artists, takes as its theme Toshusai Sharaku, known throughout Japan and the world for his bust portraits of kabuki actors, and presents posters, paintings and three dimensional works by today’s artists as they freely interpret this foremost master of the ukiyo-e print. The exhibition, made up of three (3) sections: “Reproductions...

      • “Japanese Ceramics in the 17th Century: A Lecture and Exhibition”

        Date: February 15 – March 25, 2011 (Exhibition) / Feb. 15 – 17, 2011 (Lecture by Dr. Takenori Nogami from the Arita Folk and History Museum in Japan)

        Venue: University of San Carlos Museum, Arthur Dingman Bldg., University of San Carlos, P. Del Rosario St., Cebu City

        The project aims to present the connection between Japan and Cebu in the 17th Century through a lecture and exhibition of Japanese ceramics recovered from excavations in Boljoon, Cebu and Plaza Independencia in Cebu City.

        For details, please contact : The University of San Carlos Museum at museum@usc.edu.ph...

      • Japanese Anime Director to be featured at the Artists Talk 5th Animahenasyon Festival on November 22

        The Japan Foundation, Manila and the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. present an artist’s talk and interaction on contemporary Japanese anime film by renowned Japanese director, Jun Awazu, on November 22 (Tuesday, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm) at the International Centre of Information Technology Education (ICITE) Auditorium, Eastwood, Quezon City.

        Mr. Awazu was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan in 1974. He got his master’s degree at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. In 2003, he started working with his award-winning work NEGADON: The Monster from Mars which won...

      • KAKEHASHI 架け橋: TWO CULTURES, ONE PERSPECTIVE Call for entries for a photography contest


        The Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM) is inviting all photography enthusiasts to submit their creative work that will paint a thousand words for the theme “KAKEHASHI  架け橋: Two cultures, One perspective.”

        Capture two worlds in a single shot. Undeniably apparent – over the years, Japanese culture has been assimilated into Philippine society. It may manifest subtly, like how some Filipinos, particularly the youth, nonchalantly flash the “peace” sign when posing for the camera. Very Japanese, yes – and Filipino at the same time. It could also come loud and screaming– as when cosplay enthusiasts...