• このコースでは、JFスタンダード(Can-Do Statement)に基づいて開発された教科書、「まるごと 日本のことばと文化」(初級2 A2レベル)の教え方を学びます。まず、Can-Do Statementを再考し、それを目標にした授業の方法を学びます。また、モジュール3では、体験レッスンに続き、簡単なHomework project案、そしてコースでの評価についても考えます。

      Please submit the duly accomplished application form, curriculum vitae (in English) and the payment to the JFM on or before July 4 (Monday).

      * The course is open for Nihongo teachers who have passed JLPT N3.

    • ??????????????2?Advance Japanese for Nihongo Teachers 2?
    • 日本語教師のための上級日本語2(Advance Japanese for Nihongo Teachers 2)

      The course is for Nihongo teachers who have already mastered intermediate level of Nihongo (JLPT N2 or its equivalent).

      Participants will be requested to do presentations, discuss and share ideas to be able to brush up not only Japanese language but also teaching skills. During the course, Japanese...

    • Sensei no Wa
    • Sensei no Wa


      “Sensei no Wa” is open to both experienced and neophyte Japanese-language teachers, and offers a platform for information exchange with one’s peers. It is for the further encouragement of...

    • 23rd Philippine Nihongo Teachers’ Forum
    • 23rd Philippine Nihongo Teachers’ Forum

      日本語教育におけるソーシャルメディアと私 My view of the role of Social Media in Japanese Language Teaching

      Professor Richard HARRISON (Unit Head, Kobe University Center for International Education, Graduate School of Humanities)

      Keywords for the Lecture & Workshop: Japanese as a Foreign Language,...