• ???????????????2 Pre-Intermediate Japanese for Nihongo Teachers 2
    • 日本語教師のための初中級日本語2 Pre-Intermediate Japanese for Nihongo Teachers 2



      Course Content: このコースでは、「敬語(けいご)」を復習(ふくしゅう)し、さらにその教え方も学(まな)びます。「敬語」は、日本語上級者(じょうきゅうしゃ)でも間違(まちが)えることが多い文法です。一緒(いっしょ)に学んで理解(りかい)を深(ふか)めましょう。※毎回、宿題(しゅくだい)があります...
    • ??????????????2?Advance Japanese for Nihongo Teachers 2?
    • 日本語教師のための上級日本語2(Advance Japanese for Nihongo Teachers 2)

      The course is for Nihongo teachers who have already mastered intermediate level of Nihongo (JLPT N2 or its equivalent).

      Participants will be requested to do presentations, discuss and share ideas to be able to brush up not only Japanese language but also teaching skills. During the course, Japanese...

    • Sensei no Wa
    • Sensei no Wa


      “Sensei no Wa” is open to both experienced and neophyte Japanese-language teachers, and offers a platform for information exchange with one’s peers. It is for the further encouragement of...

    • 25th Philippine Nihongo Teachers’ Forum
    • 25th Philippine Nihongo Teachers’ Forum

      日本文化・日本事情の教え方について考える Point to Ponder Over: Incorporating 「日本文化」and 「日本事情」to our lessons

      Mr. Yasujiro TAKEI Japanese Language Education Adviser The Japan Foundation, Manila

      Please submit the online application form (http://tinyurl.com/25thPNTF) by May 12, 2017 (Friday).

      * Please call Mrs. C. Aquino for confirmation of...