• Philippines – Japan Friendship: Thoughts on 60 Years and Beyond -- An Anniversary Symposium

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      Date:  25 November 2016 (Friday), 1:00 pm –4:30 pm
      Venue: Ricardo Leong Hall Auditorium, Ateneode Manila University

      In commemoration of the 60thAnniversary of Philippines-Japan Diplomatic Relations, the Japan Foundation and Fukuoka Prize Committee, in cooperation with the Japanese Studies Program and Department of History of Ateneode Manila University (ADMU) will revisit history and development and explore its future achievements.

      The symposium will engage Filipino “Fukuoka Prize Laureates” – Dr. Reynaldo C. Ileto (2003 Academic Prize), Mr. KidlatTahimik(2012 Arts and Culture Prize) and Dr. AmbethR. Ocampo(2016 Academic Prize) as resource speakers;  Dr. Yoshiko Nagano (Specialist on Asia society and economic history, Kanagawa University) will share her views on the aforesaid theme. Dr. WilfridoVillacorta(former Ambassador to the ASEAN and ASEAN Deputy Secretary-General) will be the moderator.

      For details / confirmation of attendance – please contact the Japanese Studies Program of the Ateneode Manila University (tel. # 426-6001 local 5248 / email : japanese.soss@ateneo.edu)


      【What is Fukuoka Prize?】

      The Fukuoka Prize was established by Fukuoka City, Japan, in 1990 as an award presented annually to honor the outstanding work of individuals, groups and organizations to preserve and promote the unique and diverse cultures of Asia. The Prize aims to foster and increase awareness of the value of Asian cultures, and to institute a broad framework for exchange and learning among the people of Asia.  ( http://fukuoka-prize.org/en/ )

      Download:  Philippines–Japan Friendship Anniversary Symposium Flyer