• Call for Application [The Japan Foundation Travel Support for Attendees to the 2017 AAS-in-Asia Conference in Seoul

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      The Japan Foundation is now calling for application for travel grant. This grant is for the Japanese studies scholars in the Philippines who has master’s degree or higher to attend the AAS-in-Asia Conference to be held in Seoul, Korea on June 24 to 27, 2017. By doing so, the Japan Foundation hopes to see stronger working relationship cultivated among Japan scholars in Asia, North America, and Japan.
      Applicant does not have to be a Japan-specialist and can be from various disciplines in humanities and social sciences. However, his/her research theme must be Japan-related. Please read the following application Instructions before filing an application. ( Application Form can be downloaded here ). 
      Deadline of submission is on March 10, 2016. Please submit the following documents by e-mail to the Japan Foundation, Manila.
      Mr. Rolando Samson, Program Officer
      The Japan Foundation, Manila
      Tel. 63-811-6155 to 58