The Japan Foundation, Manila,  responds extensively to overseas demands for Japanese-language education in ways such as dispatching specialists to overseas Japanese educational organizations and training local Japanese-language teachers, etc...


    • Sensei no Wa
    • Sensei no Wa


      “Sensei no Wa” is open to both experienced and neophyte Japanese-language teachers, and offers a platform for information exchange...

    • Sensei no Wa
    • MARUGOTO Conversational Japanese for Everyone: Elementary 1 A2 Module 1

      Are you interested in Japanese culture? Do you know a little Nihongo and would like to improve your speaking skills? Then the MARUGOTO A2-1 course is for you!

      This course focuses on communicative...

    • Sensei no Wa
    • Oshaberi Salon: アニメの日本語 (Japanese in Anime)

      Are you looking for a chance to practice your Nihongo? Why not join the Oshaberi Salon?

      Are you a fan of Japanese Anime?

      Do you know about the variations in Japanese language used by Anime characters?