• The Japan Foundation, Manila holds Nihongo Teachers Forum twice a year, in order to share the information, knowledge and new techniques about Japanese-language education and develop network among teachers in the Philippines..


      • 25th Philippine Nihongo Teachers’ Forum

        日本文化・日本事情の教え方について考える Point to Ponder Over: Incorporating 「日本文化」and 「日本事情」to our lessons

        Mr. Yasujiro TAKEI Japanese Language Education Adviser The Japan Foundation, Manila

        Please submit the online application form (http://tinyurl.com/25thPNTF) by May 12, 2017 (Friday).

        * Please call Mrs. C. Aquino for confirmation of participation on May 15, 2017 (Monday) / May 16, 2017 (Tuesday). Tel. No. +63 2 811-6155 to 58


      • 23rd Philippine Nihongo Teachers’ Forum

        日本語教育におけるソーシャルメディアと私 My view of the role of Social Media in Japanese Language Teaching

        Professor Richard HARRISON (Unit Head, Kobe University Center for International Education, Graduate School of Humanities)

        Keywords for the Lecture & Workshop: Japanese as a Foreign Language, Social media, In-class/Out-class Learning environments, Collaborative Learning

        Please submit the duly accomplished application form to the JFM by May 13, 2016 (Friday).Application may be done online through the following link. http://tinyurl.com/23rdPNTF

        Excel format...

      • 22nd Philippine Nihongo Teachers’ Forum

        We are pleased to invite all Japanese language teachers to the 22nd Philippine Nihongo Teachers' Forum, a project of the Association of Filipino Nihongo Teachers (AFINITE), in cooperation with the Japan Foundation Manila and the UP Department of Linguistics. This year's forum has the theme “RETHINKING AND INNOVATING ASSESSMENT TOOLS FOR NIHONGO CLASSES”.

        This forum aims to enhance the teaching techniques and strategies of Japanese language teachers to help them become better and more competitive educators. For this reason, we will limit the attendance of this...

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