The Japan Foundation, which was established in 1972 as a special legal entity to undertake international cultural exchange, became an independent administrative institution on October 1, 2003. As part of the changes being initiated, a new organizational structure was adopted in May 2004 that consists of the following four categories in order to aim toward the even more comprehensive and effective development of its international cultural exchange programs.
This Includes
Promotion of Cultural and Arts Exchange
Promotion of Overseas Japanese Language Education
Promotion of Overseas Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange
Support of Collection and Provision of International Exchange Information and International Cultural Exchange Standard Bearers
The Japan Foundation, Manila is the 18th Overseas Office to be established. It was inaugurated in June 1996. Its work is promoting programs for the introduction of Japanese culture through cooperation with local groups.Its regular activities include lectures, film festivals, exhibitions and performances. It also conducts the annual Japanese Language Proficiency Test in cooperation with other Japanese Language Education institutions.
The Japan Foundation aspires to the role of catalyst for international exchange throughout the world, transmitting what is valuable and appealing in Japanese culture empathy and understanding with other peoples around the globe.