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SUKI is published 3-times a year by the Japan Foundation Manila to make up-to-date information to individuals and organizations interested in Japanese Studies and International Culture Exchange.
Merienda Newsletter

MERIENDA is published 2-times a year by the Japan Foundation Manila to make up-to-date information to Filipino Nihongo Teachers, individuals and organizations interested in Japanese Studies.

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The Japan Foundation supports Japanese studies overseas and promotes intellectual exchange between Japan and other countries.

The Japan Foundation Grant Programs
Fiscal Year April 2011 – March 2012

The Japan Foundation is pleased to announce the various grants that are now open for application for individuals and organizations. These grants are intended in different endeavors that are Japan-related; these are programs and activities in three major categories – Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese Language Education Overseas and Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange.

            The pertinent grant information and accompanying application form for fiscal year April 2011 – March 2012 are now available at the Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM).  Please note that only individuals can apply for the Japanese Studies Fellowship Program (highly competitive and is open to preeminent scholars, experienced researchers and cultural specialists), Graduate Program on Japanese Language and Culture (Master’s Course), Training Program for Foreign Teachers of the Japanese Language (Advanced, Long-Term and Short-Term) and the Japanese Language Program for Specialists in Cultural and Academic Fields - Researchers / Postgraduate Students, Librarians and Curators/Museum Researchers.  The Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conference is designed for institutions/ organizations.

          The guidelines must be read carefully and should one wish to apply, he/she will have to request for the application form for a specific program from the Japan Foundation, Manila. Duly accomplished forms with complete supporting documents must be submitted not later than Friday, 26 November (JFM deadline).  Successful applicants (individuals / organizations) will be announced by April 2011.

            For details / clarifications, please access the Japan Foundation homepage at Web Site :

To avail of a grant application form, please post / fax / e-mail (  a letter of request to:

                                           The Japan Foundation, Manila
                             12/F, Pacific Star Bldg., Makati Ave., Makati City
                                     tel. # 811-61-55 to 58 / fax # 811-61-53

Deadline for the submission of the letter of request : Monday, 15 Nov. 2010.

Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences
Fiscal Year April 2011 - March 2012

The Japan Foundation, Manila announces its Grant Program for Intellectual Exchange Conferences for fiscal year April 2011 – March 2010. The program provides financial grants to cover partial expenses in carrying out international intellectual collaborative projects, such as international conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, etc., which are designed to deepen mutual understanding and establish closer relations between Japan and other countries while promoting intellectual exchange worldwide. Priority is given to projects that will involve participation from a number of countries and encourage interaction between various sectors of society.

This fiscal year’s grant program gives priority to activities which focus on the following areas: a) diversified society and public tolerance; b) peace-building and culture; c) environment and culture; d) social values of science and technology; and e) international governance and economic prosperity with special attention given to broaden and/or enrich the areas of Japanese studies through comparative and interdisciplinary approaches.  In contrast, activities must not be used for any religious or political purposes and the project duration should be implemented and completed between April 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012.

In reviewing the duly submitted dossier, priority is given to projects which satisfy the following conditions: a) Project theme is clearly identified with an appropriate selection of participants; b) Projects that are collaboratively planned and carried out by an applicant and counterpart organization abroad; and c) Projects that contribute to develop human resources that solve common and social issues in various areas that Japan shares with the world. Furthermore, the participation of Japanese scholars/speakers is an essential component in project selection and approval.

Financial grant coverage includes traveling expenses, honoraria for paper presenters, lecturers, interpreters and assistants, conference materials, publication of reports, venue and equipment rental and public relations.

Application is open to universities or research institutions, non-profit organizations, NGOs, and international organizations. Applications from individuals and profit-oriented organizations will not be accepted.

Deadline for the submission of a full-blown (completely accomplished) project proposal is on Monday, 22 November (JFM deadline). The copy of the guidelines on the Philippine program focus is available at the Japan Foundation, Manila. For details, please call 811-6155 to 58 or you may send an email inquiry through

Click here to download Application Form for Grant Program
for Intellectual Exchange Conferences