The Japan Foundation responds extensively to overseas demands for Japanese-language education in ways such as dispatching specialists to overseas Japanese educational organizations and training local Japanese-language teachers.
    • JFM Japanese –Language Teachers’ Workshop “How to Use Realia in a Class”

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      This is open only to Active Japanese - Language Teacherswho wish to improve their teaching skills. The topics will deal on teaching methodology; different aspects on teaching Nihongo will be covered every session. 

      Are you using realia (real thing) in the class?  How effective is realia for the students?

      This workshop will have a video presentation in the demo class that uses realia; then, let’s think and discuss how to use it at the introductory and practice part of each topic.

      Demonstration in using realia :

       1  KO-SO-A-DO

       2  Verbs

       3  Age masu / Morai masu

      Feel free to join Nihongo teachers !!

      Date September 21, 2012  Friday
      Venue The Japan foundation, Manila

      6:30 p.m. ~ 8:30 p.m.

      Admission Free
      Reservation Not Required
      Download Teachers'workshop in September flyer